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In this Edition:
  •   Governor: Main Street Matters
  •   New Law Supports Disabled Veterans
  •   Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Scam Jam Event
  •   Stay Cool and Keep Your Energy Costs Down
  •   Antlerless License Sales to Begin Monday in Three WMUs
  •   Busy Start to Summer
Governor: Main Street Matters

Click here to view video.

As part of his Main Street Matters initiative, Gov. Josh Shapiro toured Hummelstown with me Monday. Business owners warmly welcomed the governor with samples of their products and feedback on how to ensure Pennsylvania’s downtowns are thriving.

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Rick Siger joined us in Hummelstown to answer questions from businesspeople and locally elected officials about post-pandemic economic recovery.

The governor has proposed investing $25 million into downtown districts, including direct support for small businesses. As I told PennLive, spending this money to help local entrepreneurs and the very hearts of our community “is probably the easiest ask anybody could ever have as a legislator.”

New Law Supports Disabled Veterans

Recognizing the service and sacrifice of disabled veterans across the state, a new law will exempt 100% of their benefit payments from income calculations for any Commonwealth programs or benefits.

Act 27 of 2024 ensures veterans who receive disability compensation will not have those payments counted against them when applying to programs such as the Real Estate Property Tax Exemption, Education Gratuity Program, Veterans Temporary Assistance Program and Military Relief Assistance Program. It also extends the exclusion of the veterans’ compensation benefits to their unmarried surviving spouses.

The law will take effect in mid-August.
Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Scam Jam Event

Have you registered for the Scam Jam & Fraud Bingo scheduled for Friday, June 28? It is going to be a fun time in which we can learn about common scams. Call 717-534-1323 to register. Learn more about that event and others here.
Stay Cool and Keep Your Energy Costs Down

As the hot weather continues into the weekend, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is offering tips to help you stay cool and conserve energy.

Tips to Stay Cool
  •   Fan yourself. Fans circulate the air, keeping you feeling cooler even at higher temps.
  •   Follow the shade. Spend time in rooms that do not receive direct sunlight.
  •   Block the heat. Use window blinds and coverings at the sunniest time of day to reduce heat buildup.
  •   Don’t add extra heat. Postpone using heat-producing appliances like clothes dryers, dishwashers and stoves until it is cooler.
  •   Cookout, anyone? Consider using outdoor barbecue grills or microwaves instead of stoves or ovens, which can increase indoor heat.

Tips to Save on Your Electric Bill
  •   Check your thermostat. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your cooling bill.
  •   Clean is “green.” Regularly clean and replace air conditioner filters and ensure air circulation paths are clear.
  •   Power off. Turn off non-essential appliances and lights to reduce power use and unwanted heat.
  •   Don’t cool unneeded space. Close off unused rooms and adjust air vents or thermostats to avoid unnecessary cooling expenses.
  •   Keep the heat outside. Seal cracks to prevent warm air from leaking into your home.

For more energy-saving tips, visit and check your utility's website for conservation and efficiency resources.
Antlerless License Sales to Begin Monday in Three WMUs

With the 2024-25 hunting license year set to begin July 1, new licenses will be available for sale starting Monday, June 24. Please note, hunters no longer need to purchase a general license before getting an antlerless deer license; they can be purchased at the same time, anywhere licenses are sold.

This year, when licenses go on sale at 8 a.m. on June 24, antlerless deer licenses will be available for only three Wildlife Management Units (WMU) where demand is highest: WMUs 1B, 2G and 3A. Licenses in these WMUs will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until the allotted number of licenses sells out, and only Pennsylvania residents may purchase antlerless licenses initially.

On Thursday, June 27, at 8 a.m., antlerless licenses for the remaining 19 WMUs will go on sale to residents. Those seeking licenses in any of these WMUs won’t need to wait in line for them; they’re guaranteed to get one, as long as they buy before 7 a.m. on Monday, July 8, when the resident-only portion of the first round of antlerless license sales ends.

Once the nonresident portion of the first round begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 8, all remaining antlerless licenses will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocated number of licenses is exhausted.

A hunter, whether resident or nonresident, can obtain only one antlerless license in the first round, whether it’s before, during or after the guaranteed period.

Hunters can buy 2024-25 antlerless licenses online at, or at any in-store hunting license issuing agent. View a map of those locations here.  

The prices of the antlerless deer licenses remain the same at $6.97 for a resident antlerless license and $26.97 for a nonresident antlerless license.

Additional details are available here.
Busy Start to Summer

The Hummelstown Fire Department’s Carnival continues through Saturday at Schaffner Park. The carnival offers food, games, rides, bingo and live music. On Wednesday, I scooped ice cream with Mayor Dave Roeting and some energetic, teenage volunteers.

Congratulations on 60 years of marriage, Robert and Nancy Jones! I took a House citation to this Hummelstown couple Monday.

John and Patricia Rogers, of Hummelstown, are celebrating 70 years of marriage. How exciting! I took them a House citation Monday.

The People Mover of Derry Township is marking 50 years of providing free transportation for senior citizens needing to access medical appointments, banking services, the post office, etc. More than 50 volunteers make this service possible. I joined them for a volunteer appreciation luncheon this week.